5 Essential Things You Need to Know About Holistic Dentistry

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5 Essential Things You Need to Know About Holistic Dentistry

Nov 01, 2020

The ADA recommends a visit to the dentist at least twice a year. However, some people may need to visit the dentist more, depending on your oral health. What you need to decide is the type of dentist you want to visit. Do you want services from a holistic or a general dentist? In this blog, we will discuss holistic dentistry more to help you make an informed decision about the approach.

What is Holistic Dentistry?

The major difference between a holistic and general dentist is their approach to dental treatments. A holistic dentist works under the fact that there is a connection between a patient’s oral health and overall health.

For that reason, a holistic dentist cannot use any material believed to cause any health issue, for example, amalgam. Instead, he will find an alternative to improve both your oral and overall health. Holistic dentist believes in:

  • Use of non-toxic and biocompatible materials
  • Eliminating dental illnesses
  • Promoting optimal health between your teeth, jaw, head, neck, and whole body

A holistic dentist aims to determine what areas of oral infections may be affecting your general health. After discovering that, he uses holistic approaches to treat the issues. Holistic dentists use the least invasive and non-toxic treatment options. Their approach supports a patient’s body’s natural ability to heal and regenerate.

What Happens During the First Visit to a Holistic Dentist?

Each patient is unique, so the visits are usually tailored to meet a patient’s needs. The time and money you will need to use will be discussed while scheduling the visit. While booking the appointment, you will be provided with all the facts you need.

You will probably be asked to make notes of your symptoms beforehand. Also, you may be asked to bring copies of your medical record.

The dentist will ask you questions about yourself, not just to know about your health concerns, but also what you expect and your values. The dentist will conduct a dental exam and take records to accurately diagnose your condition. You can ask the dentist questions and choose whichever treatment option you feel comfortable using.

How Long Does A Holistic Dental Appointment Take

Again, each patient is unique. Your needs will determine the amount of time you will need to spend in the dental clinic. For a rule of thumb, expect to spend between two and two and a half hours.

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Do Holistic Dentists Help Children?

Yes, a holistic dentist is just like a general dentist with a different approach. Feel free to seek help from holistic dentistry near you for your child. The ADA recommends taking your child to a dentist by the time she’s one year old. You can count on us if you require holistic dentistry in Petaluma.

We will develop a great strategy for your child to ensure she grows cavity-free. We will also be with her when she needs orthodontic treatment, and we will use the best orthodontic approaches.

Benefits of Holistic Dentistry

More people are seeking holistic dental approaches, and it is because they come with many benefits. These benefits include:

Improves Your Overall Health

Holistic dentistry sees your mouth as a part of your body. Any problem with the mouth means there is something wrong with your general health. It is not just normal to get cavities. A holistic dentist will treat that as an indicator of other health concerns. For instance, gum disease-causing bacteria is associated with heart disease. With a holistic approach, the dentist will ensure both your mouth and body are healthy.

No Fluoride Treatments

There is still a huge debate about the usage of fluoride treatment. It is effective, but it does come with some harmful side effects. For that reason, holistic dentists use topical ozone therapy, which effectively prevents cavities but does not have any harmful effects.

No Use of Amalgams

Amalgams have been found to have harmful effects, and holistic dentistry is campaigning against its use on children, pregnant, and nursing women.

High Tech

Holistic dentists use advanced technology to diagnose and treat dental conditions. For example, laser treatment for gum disease.

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