Dental Bridges and Dentures in Petaluma, CA

Replacing missing teeth will not only enhance your appearance and increase your self esteem, it will improve your oral function as well.

If you have healthy teeth, but need a few teeth replaced, we can fit you with a dental bridge. Also called crown and bridgework, a dental bridge replaces one or more teeth in a row, and it is a fixed prosthetic, meaning that you cannot remove it. The replacement teeth are attached to one another to form the bridge. On the ends of the bridge are crowns that fit upon healthy teeth adjacent to where the bridge will reside. We may recommend securing your bridge with dental implants.

Sometimes the best answer to missing teeth is a partial denture. This custom fabricated appliance fills multiple, non-adjacent spaces with replacement teeth. The partial fits in the empty spaces like a puzzle piece. Held in place with inconspicuous clasps, a partial can be removed, like a full denture, for cleaning.

Full dentures can replace all teeth on the top and/or bottom arch. Traditionally, dentures are held in place with natural suction or denture adhesive on the ridges of the gums. Without teeth roots to stimulate jawbone tissue, the bone deteriorates, so the topography of the gums changes. For this reason, dentures may need to be relined to accommodate the changing gums.

Patients who have lost all their teeth will need a full set of dentures for the top, bottom, or both arches. We can anchor dentures with dental implants for greatly increased comfort and fit.

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