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Has your child had his or her dental exam lately? Contact Petaluma Dental Group for our personalized children’s dental care options.

Children must be regularly examined by dentists so that cavities are identified and treated on time. Prompt treatment can prevent complications, and your child can enjoy good dental health for years to come.

Our Trained Children’s Dentists Are Trained to Provide the Best Care

Every child is different and the dentist takes a unique approach with each one to ensure they get complete dental care. In addition to dental and oral treatment, our dental consultants also offer comprehensive guidance regarding homecare and positive lifestyle and nutrition choices.

Some children may be nervous…. That is why we have our Super Kids Day Parties 4 times a year. These fun, themed parties can be combined with your Childs cleanings.

Common Dental Issues in Children

Parents and caregivers often consult our certified dentists regarding the following issues:

  • Delayed teething in infants: Timely teeth eruption is important for speech and for the infant to be weaned onto solid foods. The dentist will check for proper formation of jawbone
  • Misaligned teeth or malocclusion: Children may often develop misaligned teeth whereby the teeth of the upper and lower jaw do not close properly. This can lead to problems in chewing, eating, speaking or breathing. Your child may be prescribed braces or Invisalign to correct the teeth.
  • Decay and Caries: Although milk teeth will eventually be replaced by permanent teeth, they need to be well-maintained. Children are more prone to tooth decay as they are more likely to indulge in sticky, sugary and sweet foods like candies and soda. They may not be able to brush their teeth as thoroughly as adults.

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Ortho for Kids

Ages 5 – 10

“When should I take my child to see the orthodontist? “ At Petaluma Dental Group we subscribe to the American Association of Orthodontists recommendation that children visit the orthodontist for the first time at around age 7.

Early orthodontic treatment is important at because teeth and bone structure is immature therefore, we can guide and address any problems at a very early stage, hereby minimizing the complexity of any subsequent treatment.

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