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Full-Service Center

Our team provides family, cosmetic, restorative, periodontal, and children's dental care all under one roof. We also provide special adult and children's treatment rooms.

Whole Body Health

When you have a healthy smile, you won't just look your best; you'll feel your best as well. Proper dental care and oral hygiene are essential for the health of your entire body.


We listen to you and personalize your dental treatment based on your needs and goals. We offer blankets, pillows, aromatherapy and even massage chairs to make your visit comfortable.


Scheduling a visit to a dental office can be an inconvenience, but we make the process simple with appointments available on Saturdays. Schedule your appointments online!

What We Offer

We go above and beyond to provide our patients with the best care and dental experience

Ortho for All Ages – It’s More Than Just a Pretty Smile

Discover how Ortho can help improve your life, no matter what your age, Be beautiful and healthy!

Did you know we have our own Orthodontics website with answers to all your questions? Click the picture to learn more.

home safety

Safety First & Enhanced Protections

How we are providing a safe environment for our patients, our team and our community


Meet the Doctors

We hope you never need a specialist’s care, however if you do, there is no need to go out of office. Our specialists work together with you and your dentist to personalize your treatment and make sure you receive the best quality care.

Our Commitment


Your oral health affects more than just your teeth — it affects your whole body. Taking care of your teeth and mouth isn’t just about preventing cavities — your oral health can influence unhealthy inflammation in your heart and nearly every system in your body. This is why our team is made up of proactive healthcare providers who are committed to improving and supporting your overall health and wellness – focusing on illness prevention.

To help you experience optimal health, we offer a full gamut of services and specialists who work together to ensure the best possible care. We also offer a number of wellness tests, such as Saliva pH Testing and In Body Composition Testing, so you can gain insight about your whole-body health. At Petaluma Dental Group, we care about YOU and your family.


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