Why Children's Dentistry is Exceptional

Why Children's Dentistry is Exceptional

Dec 01, 2020

Have you found a pediatric dentist for your child? The pediatric dentist near you ensures your child preserves that appealing smile that’s free from dental caries and discoloration. Children’s dentistry is a specialty that encompasses various oral care procedures for your child upon the onset of the emergence of the first tooth from the gum line until the teenage years. It’s crucial to make dental appointments for your child to facilitate the proper growth of permanent teeth.

What’s Children’s Dentistry?

Children’s dentistry involves providing care for your children from birth until the teenage years. Our Children’s dentistry in Petaluma offers specialized treatment for both your infant and adolescent child. A pediatric oral surgeon ensures your child finds ideal treatment for all dental emergencies. If your child requires specialized treatment, the pediatric dentist near you may refer your child to other specialists.

The development of both primary and permanent teeth requires proper oral care to prevent them from oral infections and decay. It would be ideal for taking your kid to the Children’s dentistry in Petaluma, CA, to find specialized help and ensure they overcome dental complications that may potentially occur. Pediatric dentistry incorporates therapeutic, preventive, and emergency care.

Services provided by the Children’s Dentistry near You

Pediatric dentists offer your child holistic oral health care, and some of the treatment procedures performed include:

  • Emergency dental care due to injuries and severe dental conditions
  • Early assessment and treatment for improper bites and misaligned teeth
  • Dental exams for your infant to assess the risk of having dental caries
  • Handling periodontal diseases
  • Diagnosing oral health conditions that are life-threatening
  • Preventive oral care through fluoride treatment, cleaning, and making nutritional recommendations
  • Curbing oral habits that might cause dental complications

What to Expect During a Pediatric Dental Appointment

Scheduling a dental appointment for your child is a crucial step in keeping tabs on proper oral hygiene. Your child’s specialist performs specialized procedures based on your child’s age. Pediatric dentists near you use advanced tools that are friendly to the oral tissues. It’s vital to accompany your child to the dental exam office to ensure your child feels comfortable during the appointment. Once you nurture your kid on the right oral health practices, dental health will be easy to manage, and dental visits stress-free. It’s essential to provide relevant information concerning your child’s dental health history to ensure the kid finds a suitable treatment plan and well-preserved oral tissues.

The children’s dentistry near you aims at ensuring that the dental visit is enjoyable for your kid. Your child’s specialist handles all dental issues for your child until the teenage years. A proper dental health regimen prevents the decay of permanent teeth. Your child’s teeth are vulnerable to dental caries and oral infections at a tender age, and it’s ideal to find a pediatric dentist for appropriate oral hygiene measures.

Your child’s specialist can take x-rays of your child’s mouth and perform an oral exam to prevent potential dental health issues that may become severe. At our children’s dentistry in Petaluma, we ensure that all the dental appointments are anxiety-free by providing a calming and friendly environment.

When is the Ideal Time for Your Kid to Visit the Children’s Dentistry?

At our Children’s Dentistry in Petaluma, CA, we recommend you to take your child to the dentistry once the first tooth emerges from the gum line. The pediatric dentist examines the growth and detects abnormal development on time. The initial dental appointments are vital in ensuring the other dental visits are comfortable. Examining the gums and cleaning using a soft cloth keeps the gum tissues bacterial-free. It would be best to prepare your child for dental appointments for routine assessments and ensure underlying issues are identified and treated at the early stages. The dental visits take less time, and our pediatric dentists may advise you to make the visits every six months.

What’s the Role of Primary Teeth?

Primary teeth are vital in preserving the space that’s occupied by permanent teeth. If milk teeth prematurely fall off, the developing permanent teeth may become crooked. They are the first set of teeth to provide your child with the initial dental structure, give the facial symmetry, and support your kid’s speech. For an infant, you need to wipe the gums gently to prevent bacterial infection. Once the first teeth emerge, your specialist may recommend you to use a soft-bristled toothbrush and grain-sized fluoride toothpaste regularly. Please schedule an appointment at our children’s dentistry in Petaluma, CA, and preserve your child’s primary teeth, since they are crucial in developing permanent teeth.