Invisalign in Petaluma, CA

Petaluma Dental Group is a Preferred Provider of Invisalign®️. Providing comfort, ease, and the smile you’ve always dreamed of!

There are many options available for straightening your teeth, but none offer the level of comfort, convenience and confidence that you’ll find with Invisalign®️. No matter what stage you are in your life, you’ll be surprised how Invisalign®️, and its ability to straighten your teeth with ease and comfort, can have a significant, positive impact on how you look and feel about yourself.

Invisalign®️ uses a series of customized clear removable aligners to straighten your teeth without metal wires or brackets. It’s virtually undetectable, which means hardly anyone will know that you’re straightening your teeth.

Advantages of Invisalign®️

  • Invisalign®️ is completely invisible, so no one can tell that you have anything on your teeth.
  • Invisalign®️ is completely removable, so you can eat and drink in comfortably while in treatment.
  • The removable aligners allow you to be able to brush and floss normally.
  • They are comfortable, because there are no metal wires or sharp brackets to irritate your cheeks or tongue.
  • Invisalign®️ aligners work faster. Adjustments in the office are quicker, and treatment times are usually shorter.
  • Invisalign®️ System combines advanced 3-D computer graphics technology to move your teeth more efficiently.

Since there are no brackets and wires to catch food debris and accumulate plaque buildup, the risk of cavities or tooth damage from braces is significantly lower with Invisalign®️. Because there are no sharp metal brackets and wires, it makes it much easier to play sports or musical instruments while in Invisalign®️ therapy.

3-D Technology

The Invisalign®️ System combines advanced 3-D computer graphics technology. This technology moves your teeth in small increments to the desired position. Multiple aligners, one for every two weeks, are precisely calibrated and created to fit your mouth at each stage of the treatment.

The first step is to visit our office to determine if Invisalign®️ is the appropriate treatment for you. Precise treatment planning is done and instructions are sent to the Invisalign®️ laboratory. Invisalign®️ then uses advanced computer technology to translate these instructions in a sequence of finely calibrated aligners. Each aligner is worn for two weeks and only taken out to eat, brush and floss. As you replace each aligner with the next, your teeth will begin to move gradually until our final esthetic goal is achieved and you have the smile you always dreamed of!

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