Helping our community smile from the inside out 


Fun events, health fairs, and educational outreach to promote whole-body wellness

Just as we know your oral health contributes to your overall health, we understand that the health and the wellbeing of the communities where we live and work is invaluable to the greater good.

That’s why we engage our community about whole-body wellness with fun, local events (like our SuperKids Day), health fairs (like our Preventative Health & Wellness Expo) and educational outreach through schools, civic organizations, and business organizations.

Below is a list of events that we have scheduled in the coming months. 

Create a fun, memorable experience going to the dentist with our Super Kids Day

If children don’t have a positive experience with the dentist, they may never make their oral health a priority, which can have lasting negative impacts on the rest of their health.

That’s why we put on 4 Super Kids Day Events a year, so our little ones can create fond memories of going to the dentist. 

Everyone is welcome, and kids can participate in games, movies, raffles, face-painting, and even learn a little bit about the dentist and oral health (without even knowing they’re learning!)

Upcoming Events: