Covid And Covid Anti-body Testing Day


When will I get my results?

The COVID ANTI-BODY test results will take 10 minutes. The COVID test results will be emailed to you in 2 business days.

Why do you want my medical insurance information?

In order to keep costs down and give access to testing to the community, your medical insurance company may be billed for Covid testing. The fees collected at the time of testing cover administration and collection costs. You will not be billed for any other monies than those collected at the time of testing and you are not required to have medical insurance to be tested.

Do I have to have an appointment and register in advance?

No, we welcome drop-ins, however those with appointments will be served first and it might take a little longer for you to register on-site.

Will I need to get out of my car?

No, the testing will be a drive-by testing and you will stay in your car.

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