Non-Candy Stocking Stuffers

Candy is everywhere this time of year. It also seems to be a popular stuffer for the little ones stockings. But there are lots of inexpensive ways to fill that stocking without the added sugar. We have some great alternatives that they won’t cause

1. Small Toys – look for mini Lego

sets, bouncy balls, small stuffed animals,

playdough, Hot Wheels, Hexbug Nano, mini Barbies, army guys and other small figurines.

2. Novelty Items – such as temporary tattoos, silly string, glow sticks, yoyo, a Slinky, bubbles, silly putty, a small flashlight or headlamp.
3. Health & Beauty Items – how about a fun toothbrush, lip balm, cool socks, hairbrush, bows, barrettes, bubble bath, nail polish, and even slippers.
4. Non-Candy Treats – Look for special packaged fish crackers and pretzels, apple chips, real fruit leather, or mini oranges (always perfect for the toe of the stocking).
5. Others Items – you can even include small books, DVD’s, gift cards, water bottles, and small arts and craft kits.
So leave those brightly colored bags of candy on the shelf! A good tip is to look at the aisles next to the novelty candy. There are often small holiday theme toys available. Here’s to a fun and healthy holiday!