Is Laser Treatment Good for Your Teeth?

Is Laser Treatment Good for Your Teeth?

Nov 01, 2022

Most individuals dread dental procedures that involve drilling and numbing shots that last for hours. However, the good news is that now it is possible to treat dental issues without drills. Have you learned about the latest advancements in dental technologies? Whether you’ve had the same dentist for years or looking for a new one, you should be aware of dental advances. This way, you can take advantage of the best dental treatments available. Dentists are always looking for new ways to improve dental care and procedures. One of these new advances includes dental laser treatments. Our dentist near you recommends you find a laser dentist.

What is a Laser in Dentistry?

Laser in dentistry is the use of light beams to treat dental complications. It has provided a more comfortable treatment option involving hard and soft tissues. The name LASER stands for light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation. In dentistry, a laser uses a thin beam of light energy that intensely focuses on an exposed tissue to mold or remove it. Since laser treatments virtually eliminate pressure, heat, or vibrations, the procedure will be painless. Laser dentistry is considered safer than traditional manual treatment procedures. This is because it is tidier and offers the dentist precise control. In need of a laser dentist? Visit our laser dentistry in Petaluma, CA, for dental laser services.

What are the Benefits of Laser Dentistry?

Over the years, laser dentistry has become a popular treatment for improving our gums and teeth’ appearance, function, and health. At Petaluma Dental Group, we use dental lasers to treat common dental issues, obtain biopsy samples, and in teeth whitening procedures. In addition, laser dentistry provides our patients with a variety of benefits. The following are reasons why you should explore dental lasers.

  1. Provides a Less Invasive Process

Lasers are made to work without continuous vibrations, pressure, or heat. This enables the dentist to do dental procedures without sedation dentistry. In addition, lasers are noninvasive and eliminate the use of dental drills. To the patient, this means ultimately reduced discomfort and pain.

  1. Faster Healing Time

Dental lasers operate precisely, meaning minimal trauma to the gum, teeth, and surrounding tissues. This is because they only target the affected areas. Because of this, there is a reduced healing process when laser dentistry is involved. With traditional treatments, the tools used can sometimes damage the surrounding tissues and increase the recovery period. The site also heals faster because lasers seal the wounds immediately, causing instant blood clotting. This initiates your body’s natural ability to respond to healing.

  1. Reduces Bleeding and Infections

The laser’s high-energy beam thickens the blood during a dental procedure to reduce bleeding. Dental complications like periodontitis can lead to bone loss and bleeding gums, so removing bacteria from the gum pockets and teeth is vital. Fortunately, lasers will eliminate and kill bacteria while reducing gum swelling and bleeding. In addition, the laser beam will also sterilize the area lowering the risk of infections and complications.

  1. Protects Your Teeth from Trauma

The preciseness of laser dentistry allows the healthy parts of the teeth and gums to be preserved. If you have bacterial infections, preserving healthy teeth ensures better recovery. Unlike handheld drills, lasers reduce the risk of causing cracks on the teeth surface during procedures. In addition, dental lasers will eliminate the option of dental restorations due to fractures made.

  1. Optimizing for Patients

Dentists can adjust the laser’s beam wavelength and power level depending on the type of treatment. As a result, dental lasers provide maximum control over the procedures and ensure customized dental treatment.

  1. Relaxing

Lasers don’t make noises made by dental drills and other dental equipment. Dental lasers remove the need to use the equipment, which causes anxiety for many clients. In addition, lasers will help you and your family relax during the procedure.

How Effective is Laser Teeth Cleaning?

Laser teeth cleaning has become popular teeth cleaning alternative. Despite it being new to dentistry, lasers have proven to be successful. Dental cleaning using lasers can remove the infected tissues along the gumlines. They work by evaporating the infected tissue from the gums. Laser dental cleaning reduces the risk of serious oral issues such as oral cancer. Are you interested in whitening your teeth using lasers? Tooth whitening laser procedures are done at the dentist’s office. The process uses a bleaching gel and lasers to whiten teeth.