How Laser Dentistry is Changing the Dental Scenario?

How Laser Dentistry is Changing the Dental Scenario?

Feb 01, 2021

Dentistry is exploring so rapidly and opting for new and innovative procedures. You must have heard about the use of laser beams in many treatments, Yes! It can also be used in dentistry. There are so many procedures where dentists prefer to use a laser. Some of the examples of such treatments include removal of some tissues inside the mouth, reshaping the overgrown tooth, teeth whitening, and much more.

A laser is sharp light beams that focus on the area one needs to treat. It is less painful and can be ideal for children as well as for those people who are fearful about the dental procedure.

Types of Lasers Used in Dentistry

Lasers are not only useful in dentistry but are highly useful in other medical practices as well. There is a wide variety of lasers used in dentistry. Here we will discuss some of them in detail.

Carbon Dioxide Laser

Carbon Dioxide Laser is commonly used for soft tissue removal. It works quickly and efficiently. The negative point associated with it is that it is quite expensive. Its use inside the mouth can cause damage to the hard tissues. But Carbon Dioxide Laser works quickly and efficiently on soft tissues. So it is preferred in many dental treatments.

Diode Laser

It is a kind of soft tissue laser. It is quite compact in size and is affordable. They are mostly used for:

  • Teeth whitening
  • Impression Troughing,
  • Gingivectomies and more

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Hard Tissue Laser

Hard Tissue and Soft Tissue Laser is widely used in preparing the procedure for root-canal, veneers, and the one where some part of the bone requires cutting and reshaping for the adjustment of artificial materials.

Hard tissue laser involves a high wavelength and has the capacity to cut bones. So its use involves the reshaping and restructuring of teeth.

Situations Where Hard Tissue Laser Works Amazingly

  • Identification of cavities.
  • Repairing tooth sensitivity.
  • Preparing procedures for different treatments like filling etc.

Soft Tissue Laser

Usually, it involves the use of smaller wavelengths and is easily absorbed by hemoglobin. Soft tissue laser is considered the best thing to let the gum work. Their function is to cut soft tissues and seal those at the same time. While using soft tissue laser, there would be less bleeding and recovery would be much faster. If you want to experience a pain-free process, search laser dentistry near you.

The Procedures Where the Soft Tissue Laser Is Used

  • Correcting restricted tongue Moments
  • Reshaping of gums to improve aesthetics of the face.
  • Correction of folds of tissues inside after placement of Dentures
  • For lengthening of crowns.

Generally, all the lasers fall into two categories under soft tissue and hard-tissue lasers. Carbone dioxide laser is an example of hard tissue laser and diode laser is an example of soft tissue laser. The choice of laser depends on patient’s requirements and conditions of their oral health.

What You Can Expect from Laser Dentistry?

There are so many benefits patients get after indulging in laser dentistry in dental treatment. Only professionals can decide when and where the technique should be used.

  • Let’s complete the procedure with ease and comfort.
  • Anesthesia may not require when using laser for dental treatments.
  • Laser sterilization of the gums makes them less prone to infections and bacteria.
  • Less bleeding than traditional surgery.
  • No-less damage to the gums during the procedure.
  • Faster recovery to a normal lifestyle.
  • Ease the fear and anxiety and more.

Laser treatments can work wonders for patients who can’t take dental therapies or surgery without being panicked and anxious. Its use in dentistry may eliminate the use of sedatives used to keep patients calm and relax during different dental procedures. Overall, the use of lasers in dentistry is making it more available to patients. Its use is not restricted to some procedures but it can be used for oral to dental problems.

Laser dentistry can be used to deal with simple to severe dental procedures or surgeries involving less pain, bleeding, and a high recovery rate. In cosmetic procedures, it works amazingly. So if your dentist suggests the use of laser for recovering from dental issues, just go for it without thinking so much. If you are on the hunt for quality Laser Dentistry in Petaluma CA, let your search end at Petaluma Dental Group. It provides the best dental solutions at affordable prices.