Get the Most from Your Dental Insurance

You pay for it every month, but most people are not sure exactly how their insurance plans work. As a result, many patients can overpay for treatment, delay needed treatment or

even avoid having covered treatment performed because they aren’t sure their dental insurance

will cover the cost.
Brushing and flossing are the first steps to maintaining good dental health. So is getting the most out of your dental insurance coverage.
Know Your Benefits
Dental insurance is a tool to help patients with the costs involved in maintaining good dental health. It is important to understand the provisions and limitations of your individual dental plan. Reading through the plan documents can be boring and time consuming, but you should definitely do it before using your plan benefits. It is the responsibility of the patient, not the insurance company or the dentist office to pay for services rendered. If you understand your plan and how it works, you will be far less likely to end up with claim denials and unexpected dental bills.
Plan for Your Treatments
If you know that you are planning extensive treatment, you can plan the stages of the treatment to maximize your insurance plan payments. If possible, plan the stages in such a way that your annual maximum renews itself in between stages. This will allow for insurance payment of your second stage of treatment. In addition, your unused annual maximum does not carry over. If you need dental work performed and you have not used all of your benefit for the year, try to do it before it expires. This will give you a fresh annual maximum when the policy year renews itself, leaving available funds for payment of other needed dental work.
Have Cleanings and Exams Regularly
The least expensive way to maintain good oral health is to go to your dentist at least twice a year for an exam and cleaning. These services are usually covered 100% by your PPO plan. When you do this routinely, you will find that problems are detected early and require less costly treatment to repair. The best way to spend less on extensive dental work is to not need extensive dental work.
Always practice good personal oral hygiene and follow your dentist’s instructions for maintaining oral health, reversing gum disease and cavity prevention.
No Insurance?

If you do not have insurance, consider purchasing a dental wellness plan, such as Plan for Health.
Oral health care needs to be a priority, and prevention is the key! Left untreated it can lead to serious health consequences -tooth loss, infection, damage to bone or nerve and even worse negative effects on your overall health.
Plan for Health is a great, low-cost way to keep healthy and up-to-date with your oral hygiene, all for a low monthly payment.
Plan for Health includes:
Three or four cleanings a year ( two for children )All intra-oral X-rays and general dentist exams, including emergency exams10% off any treatments
For more information about Plan for Health visit our website: