Don’t Get Spooked by Sugar! The Search for a Healthier Halloween.

It’s easy to get spooked about the harmful effects of sugar, especially when you

hear about our nations alarming rates of childhood obesity, diabetes, and hyperactivity. You don’t need your doctor or dentist to tell you

that gorging on all that Halloween candy is unhealthy. It also gives our kids the wrong message.
To stop the sweets overload this Halloween, consider handing out healthier alternatives. Halloween themed mini packs of pretzels or crackers, small toys such as bouncy balls or temporary tattoos, and other items that you might find in a goody bag are great choices.
If you are set on handing out candy, check the labels. Chocolates, especially dark, and smaller size “mini” candies have less sugar and are a much better choice than the sugary candy.
We want the kids to have a great time dressing up and enjoying the holiday. Consider letting the kids have a fun Halloween party with crafts and games, then they can head out for one block of trick or treating. Simple crafts can be found on Pinterest so kids can still have fun without the excess or the focus being on candy.

We all know that as the kids get older, the time spent with friends and family trick or treating can be important. If you are looking for a great way to rid your home of the “pillow case” of candy, Petaluma Dental Group will be holding our annual Cash 4 Candy Event on November 1, from 3-5pm. We pay $1 a pound for excess Halloween Candy. It’s a fun event, held at our office, 1301 Southpoint Blvd. We have prizes, treats, money and more!
Hope to see you there!!