Are Traditional Wire Bracket Braces Better Than Invisalign Braces?

Are Traditional Wire Bracket Braces Better Than Invisalign Braces?

Jan 01, 2022

Crooked and gapped teeth are common in many people, and if you are one among them, you know it affects the beauty and functionality of your smile besides your self-confidence. Fortunately, braces have been around for over a century to help straighten teeth for improved aesthetics and functionality. Currently, you have choices between different types of braces if you wish to straighten teeth to get rid of the problem affecting you. However, an initiative is required on your part to visit Petaluma Dental Group to determine how best, either with traditional braces or alternatives like Invisalign, are for your situation.

Selecting between traditional braces and Invisalign is a challenging decision, needing help from a dental professional before you can have them straighten your teeth. An assessment of your teeth by the dentist near me is the optimal method to understand whether you are suitable for Invisalign or must-have traditional braces over your teeth. This article describes the significant differences between the two helping you know which option best suits your needs.

Significant Differences between Invisible Braces Vs. Traditional Braces

You realize the significant differences between traditional braces and Invisalign when you visit the dentist in Petaluma inquiring about orthodontic treatments for teeth straightening. However, a brief overview of the differences is provided in this article for your understanding.

Traditional braces are nonremovable after they are attached to your teeth at the beginning of the treatment. You must continue wearing them the entire treatment because the orthodontist is the sole professional who can remove them. In addition, traditional braces need tightening every month to help your teeth move into their desired positions.

Metal and wire braces can fix all problems besides straightening your teeth. The braces are effective even to correct issues with your jaw or rotated teeth and significant gaps between your teeth. If you have dental bridges, traditional braces might be the best option for you.

On the other hand, Invisalign braces offer you more comfort because you don’t have any metal or wire in your mouth. In addition, the braces are removable when eating or maintaining proper dental hygiene. Best of all, they don’t need monthly adjustments because you merely replace them every fortnight.

You must wear Invisalign braces over your teeth for around 20 to 22 hours every day without exceptions if you intend to have straighter teeth comfortably faster than traditional braces. Not complying with the requirement delays your treatment to increase the costs.

If you don’t want to be saddled with metal and wires in your mouth for three years or more, you can consider Invisalign braces if you are suitable for the treatment. However, some situations may compel you to opt for traditional braces. Therefore getting your teeth assessed is the best method of realizing which treatment is best suited for your needs.

Which Braces Are More Effective?

Traditional braces and Invisalign in Petaluma are both effective for straightening teeth. In addition, the prices for both appliances are nearly similar. However, the time required for straightening your teeth differs on the complexity of the situation affecting you.

Traditional braces require three years or more to straighten teeth with multiple appointments in between to the orthodontist treating you for tightening the braces. Invisalign aligners deliver faster treatments completing the therapy in 12 to 18 months, depending on the complexity of your situation. However, the timeline mentioned for Invisalign depends on your compliance with the requirements to have the aligners over your teeth for a better part of the day and night.

Traditional braces effectively treat any problems affecting your teeth and smile, including rotated teeth and significant gaps even if you have dental bridges. Unfortunately, Invisalign braces are an excellent option for crooked teeth, overbites, underbites, crossbites, and minor gaps between your teeth. If you have complicated situations of the above, the dentist near you recommends you consider traditional braces for teeth straightening because they deliver better results.

Determining whether traditional braces or Invisalign are better than the other is another challenge you will encounter. You need help from the Petaluma dentist before you have them over your teeth. Traditional braces have a proven track record of delivering effective results to correct all problems affecting people. Invisalign is a revolutionary alternative therapy introduced in the late 90s as a remedy for adults reluctant to have metal brackets and wires when dealing with crooked and malformed teeth. Therefore getting your teeth assessed by the dentist is the best method to determine which orthodontic appliance is best suited for your specific requirements.