All You Need To Know About Children's Dentistry

All You Need To Know About Children's Dentistry

Jun 01, 2021

Dentistry is a branch of medicine that deals with the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of diseases that affect the teeth. Children’s dentistry is a branch of dentistry that focuses on children’s oral health.

Families can opt to use a family dentist or a general dentist for all the members of their families. However, a children’s dentist or a pediatric dentist specializes in the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of diseases that affect a child’s dental health from birth till teenage. Other than these, a child’s dentist also lectures parents on how to ensure that their kids have good oral health. Experts recommend that a child should begin to visit a dentist as soon as 6 months after the birth of the child. If not after 6 months, a parent can also begin to take the child to see a dentist after the child’s first birthday. This will help to stop any risk and prevent any disease before it goes out of hand.

Early oral examination, the type that you will get from Petaluma Dental Group, is very important to maintain good oral health, correct bad habits, identify and treat and condition like tooth decay, and so on. A children dentist in Petaluma will also help you teach you how to take care of your child’s teeth at home (brushing, flossing, mouth washing, etc.), how to know if there is a problem with your child’s tooth, how to prevent the children from teeth injury, the kind of food you should give to your child and the kind you should not.

If you cannot reach a children’s dentist in Petaluma, search ”a kid dentist near me” to find other qualified and experienced dentists that can help you examine your child’s oral cavity. When a child approaches the age of 6, the child begins to lose some of his or her teeth and permanent teeth begin to replace these milk teeth. At this point of their lives, the child is vulnerable to tooth diseases and if proper care is not taken, the child can get exposed to conditions like tooth decay and other severe diseases which can affect the child throughout his or her lifetime.

Research has proven that tooth infections and diseases are more common in children than asthma or even fever. Unless you have been through four years in a recognized dental school and two years of residency training in dentistry for children – infants, teens, and those with special needs, you should not try to carry out diagnosis, prevention, or treatment of any problem befalling a child’s tooth. Take the child to see a qualified and experienced dentist for a proper check-up.

Children are still developing, it is easy for them to get infected as it is easy for the infection to come unnoticed. Even when you try to examine their teeth by yourself, they are usually not cooperative and if you are not a patient type, you will have a hard time getting by. A pediatric dentist is trained to relate with children and make them comfortable enough to be cooperative while he is doing his job. There is some special equipment that will appeal to the mind of any child and this equipment can be found in the office of a children’s dentist in Petaluma or any other dentist in the search for ”kid dentist near me”.

Services Provided By A Children’s Dentist

A children’s dentist generally helps to make sure that a child is safe in terms of oral health. However, there are some services that a pediatric dentist will provide to achieve this goal. Some of these services include;

  • Examination of the oral health of a child (Sometimes, this might require examining the parent of the child for any problem that could be hereditary).
  • Correction of bad habits like thumb sucking.
  • Preventive care i.e. cleaning of the teeth, recommendation of foods and fluorides, etc.
  • Treatment or management of tooth diseases, infections, and other related problems.
  • Diagnosis of oral conditions and so on.

If you need a children’s dentist, visit Petaluma Dental Group or you can check dental schools and other medical centers. Some pediatric dentists also have private clinics that you can visit.