A Healthy Holiday Smile

Once fall arrives, it seems that time begins to fly by! Halloween, Thanksgiving,

Hanukkah and Christmas just start rolling in one after the other. During this busy time of the year, we here at Petaluma Dental Group know that your oral health won’t necessarily be your top priority.
To help keep your smile on the “nice” and off the “naughty” list this year, as well as help you usher in the New Year with a smile you love, we offer some holiday tips and tricks for keeping your teeth merry and bright!
1. Skip the Chewy Treats
From goodies left in the stockings to bowls of candy at the office, the stickier the treat, the worse it can be for your teeth. Not only can these sugary treats attach themselves to your teeth and result in possible decay, but larger ones have even been known to pull out fillings or damage dental appliances!
2. Teeth are Not for Opening Presents
As excited as the kids or you are about the new toy you just unwrapped,
using a scissor or proper tool to open any packaging is essential. Even what seems like soft plastic can crack your teeth, which could require a crown, root canal or worse.
3. Don’t be a Nutcracker

Our teeth are not invincible and can be put in
harm’s way by hard surfaces, especially while chomping down. This includes hard candies, ice cubes and the shells of nuts. Leave the nut cracking to your toy soldier and keep your smile intact!
4. Keep Your Fingers Out of Your Mouth
Feeling a little stressed out and anxious around the holidays is fairly normal. Try not to turn to stress-relieving habits like nail biting during this time to avoid potential damage of the teeth and the spread of germs/bacteria from hand to mouth, or vice versa. Try to relax and breathe, before we know it, the New Year will be upon us!